1. Death is dead

This probably seems like such an odd name for a blog, but this motto is something that gives me hope and peace even while going through the hardest days of my life. This theme comes from a Ravi Zacharias video, where he talks about a man named Lazarus. If you don’t know, Lazarus was dead for four days… but in came Jesus. He spoke, and the dead man arose. From this point on, how would you scare a man like Lazarus? If you threatened to kill Lazarus, he would laugh in your face. You can’t scare someone with death who knows what is on the other side.

This is how I plan to live through this cancer diagnoses, because through the word and the gospel of Jesus Christ, I am promised eternal life with a perfect God. I know I’m going to die. Potentially from this cancer, or if it’s Gods will I could even live to 105 like my great grandpa did. The point is everyone is faced with the same question in their short life on earth, “Where do I go when I die?” I have no doubt in my mind where I am going. If you aren’t a Christian and are reading this, you might think I sound insane. But I pray you will take the bible and seek out Jesus, I have confidence He will show himself to you the same way He did to me. This

Well, that’ll be all for my first blog post. As you can tell I don’t have the writing gene that my great uncle Erwin Lutzer possesses but then again, he doesn’t have these basketball skills, so I guess it all evens out. If you see my brothers, ask them how they let a sick boy with cancer inflamed lungs absolutely destroy them in a game of basketball. Hit the gym fellas!

Much love,



One thought on “1. Death is dead”

  1. Carson, you are already a great writer! I am very blessed by how you are accepting this, with confidence and faith. What a difference the gospel makes! As a young man, you are an example to all of us who are older. We love you and uphold you in prayer and will eagerly read your updates!

    Your Great Uncle Erwin


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